Designed to deliver unmatched quality, clear communication, predictable outcomes, and faster ROI on every project.

Real estate professionals face many day-to-day job challenges; dealing with the GC on your renovation projects shouldn’t be one of them.

We know from years of experience how important quality, communication, safety, and predictability are for renovation projects. Our goal is to help every customer maximize the value of their assets and prioritize revenue as quickly as possible.

We are a large loss turnkey general contractor servicing multifamily, hospitality, and commercial properties.

Our team brings the same quality control, turnaround times, safety approach, and diverse experience working in both vacant and occupied assets.

No matter the situation, our team of project professionals will help ensure your project success with safe and minimal disruption to your investment.

“Transparency and integrity are the foremost qualities we count on to establish successful, valuable, and long lasting client-partnerships."





We strive to make project solutions as simple and straightforward as possible. We can handle your entire project from end-to-end, making your job as simple as possible.


Robust Networks

Our national, deeply trusted relationships across labor providers give us the ability to quickly secure quality crews for any job.


Material Cost Control

Our established relationships result in unique material cost savings from most of our vendor partners. We, gladly pass these savings on to you, our customers to ensure that you get maximum value for quality.


Health & Safety

We uphold the highest health and safety of our employees, trade partners, and stakeholders. We accomplish a positive safety culture by educating our workforce and stakeholders on safety hazard identification and remediation.


Full Lifecycle Management

We stand behind our work with a workmanship warranty on all projects. From managing our client’s repairs, to continuously inspecting our work, we ensure you are never left in a warranty dispute.

Renu is a turnkey renovation contractor serving the multifamily housing industry. We specialize in full interior and exterior renovation projects.